Trash Talk

Energy efficiency is a great way to ensure that we are using our available resources in the best way possible, but there are plenty of other areas of our lives where we can conserve as well. Reducing and recycling our waste not only conserves landfill space, it also means fewer garbage trucks on the road and better air quality. The recycling industry in our area has been getting back up to speed since Katrina, but up until now we’ve had limited options.

One local recycling handler is trying to get the word out again and encourage folks to get back on the recycling bandwagon. Phoenix Recycling serves Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes. They charge $15 per month to collect plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum (no glass). All of the materials they collect are taken to the recycling facility in Baton Rouge for processing. To find out more about their services, go to the Phoenix Recycling website or call or e-mail Perry (504-322-7551).

For other waste that you might not be so sure about, such as CFLs, batteries and computer equipment, you can visit Earth911 to locate an area recycler.

Being mindful, responsible consumers goes a long way to improve both our lives and the quality of our environment.

This blog was written for Paul LaGrange’s BuildWrite website and was originally posted on May 29, 2009.


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