Dangerous Times

With the summer heat comes big summer plans for vacations, grilling, swimming and outdoor fun. I’ve put together a quick list of websites that lay out some tips for keeping your home, friends and family safe over the next few months.

This government website covers information from asbestos to well water and a number of interesting things in between. Click here

Everything you might possibly want to know about summertime fire hazards from the folks at the Nation Fire Prevention Association. Fireworks, natural disasters, lightning strikes and more – sounds like a family reunion to me! Click here

Who else (besides your mom) could make grilling weenies sound as dangerous as gator wrestling? The insurance industry, of course! These sites truly do have some common sense advice about a number of topics including lawnmowers, pool safety, camping and securing your home. Click here and here

And for Everything Else, you can always count on the Worst Case Scenario books to keep you covered – How to Remove a Broken Lightbulb from a Socket (might need that one), How to Disguise a Beer Belly (know others who need that one) and How to Survive Nuclear Fallout (hope to avoid that one). Click here

Here’s to a safe and happy summer…and thanks to all the moms out there who watch over us while we grill our hot dogs and wrestle gators. Happy Mother’s Day!

This blog was written for Paul LaGrange’s BuildWrite website and was originally posted on May 8, 2009.


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